Submissions for abstracts are open:

Submissions close midnight (EST) on 28 June 2019

Abstracts are invited for oral presentation only.

Abstracts may be submitted only via this website.

Important Information to read before submitting your abstract


  • Abstract submissions must be received electronically via the online form by midnight (EST) on 28 June 2019.   

  • The abstract body must not exceed 250 words. 

Presenter Information

  • Projection type: 16:9 Ratio

  • Computers will be provided running Powerpoint for PC / Keynote & Powerpoint for Mac.


Presenter Guidelines 
(by submitting an abstract you agree to the following):

  • AOA relies on speakers’ integrity to present oral and visual material of appropriate content.  Material presented in slides must conform to this code of respect.

  • AOA reserves the right to remove conference information and/or to prohibit a presenter from presenting at an AOA Event if the content of the presenter’s conference information does not adhere to these requirements.

  • AOA does not endorse the use of ‘humorous’ material involving nudity or sexist commentary, and warns speakers that slides with material deemed inappropriate will not be aired.